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Ziereisen wines

Wine is our passion.
This is why we support other producers of high quality wines, those who complement our philosophy. We particularly enjoy Riesling. This is why in our winery you can taste and buy Riesling from other producers:

Weingut Van Volxem, Wiltingen, Saar

Not born into a winemaking family, Roman 'Niewo' Niewodniczanski revived this venerable Saar valley estate in 2000, immediately setting out with great ambition to produce provocative, complex Riesling. His 46 hectares are mainly on steep slopes with vines of up to 170 years old!

Weingut Markus Molitor, Bernkastel, Mosel

In 1984 the 20-year old Markus Molitor took over three hectares of grapevines from his father. From the start his vision was clear and ambitious: to return the old splendor and reputation of the noble Riesling; individual yet typical, age-worthy. The Molitor vineyard, comprised of 38 hectares (of which 4.5 hectares are in the Saar), is the biggest of the middle Mosel. His range of wines is 95% Riesling, 3% Pinot noir and 2% Pinot blanc.

Weingut Beurer, Kernen-Stetten

Jochen Beurer is a rising Riesling star. In the Remstal, a winegrowing valley extending east from Stuttgart, he produces whites which are highly praised by wine journalists and aficionados alike. Jochen is obsessed with quality both in the vineyard and cellar. His talent and his commitment may be tasted in every sip of his wine. His first vintage of 1997 allowed him a brilliant start; since then he's received two 'bunches' in the Gault Millau wine guide.

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