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Ziereisen wines

We want our wines to be individual. At first taste they do not always show their best; like teenagers, they need to explore and be given time to develop - so we try to give them that time. Only with sufficient time and patience can we produce unique wines.

Red wines

Strong body, identifiable minerality, as well as dense acid/tannin structure are the main characters of our Pinot noirs. While we don't seek to copy it, the Burgundian style is our inspiration. In order that our Pinot noirs reflect their place of origin we bottle each separately as Tschuppen, Schulen, and Rhini. These are the old names of each terrain, arranged in ascending order of density and volume. Rhini, especially so, needs a couple of years to open.

The climate and terrain of our vineyards in the Efringer Oelberg are excellent to grow Syrah. This grape variety, originating in France's Rhône valley, here results in a leaner style. Reminiscent of Syrahs produced in northern Rhône, it's evocative of chili pepper, herbs, and red fruits.

We maintain that each filtration strips taste from wine, something we wish to avoid. As with all our reds, our Syrah is bottled without filtration. By allowing it two years in barriques they fall bright of their own accord. Still, it's normal for our wines to have a small amount of fine deposit.

Our higher level reds and whites are matured in German wooden barrels from the Assmann Büttnerei, a family-run cooperage located in the Franken region.

White wines

The indigenous grape Chasselas (a.k.a. Gutedel, Fendant) is the focus of our white wine production. Chasselas is a noble grape which, in our opinion, is underestimated. We seek to exploit the untapped potential for this typical Markgräflerland grape. In order to do this we employ unconventional methods for its development. We significantly reduce harvest levels for this grape in our best terrains and conduct a pre-fermentation maceration before placing the wine for long storage on its own yeasts to mature in 600-liter wooden barrels. As with all our wines we only do the absolute minimum necessary in the cellar. We clear the must only by sedimentation with natural additives, let the wines ferment spontaneously without use of added yeast, and leave them rest a long time on their fine yeasts, giving them requisite time to mature. Our high-level, old vine Pinots blanc and gris as well as our Chardonnays are filled in bottles without filtration after approximately two years in the barrels.

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